14-Day Spring Cleaning Checklist

With the days now getting longer and the warm weather not far behind, a lot of us are getting into that spring cleaning mode with list after list of things to do around the house. This isn’t something you have to tackle in one day or one weekend. Spread it out over a couple of weeks… or longer. All of your hard work will pay off and it will feel so amazing welcoming spring into your home. At the end of this post, check out some quick links for cleaning tips and tricks.

Day 1: Bathrooms

Declutter 10 or more items in your bathroom. Check expiry dates and toss what is no longer being used. A good clean of your tub/shower, toilet, vanity, windows, and floors are also a must. Don’t forget to wash your bathmats, curtains and towels too!

Day 2: Air Vents

This one can be time consuming depending on the size of your house and heating style. Vacuum all air vents for dust, wipe down the grates and replace air filters as needed. If you have central air, this would also be a good time to book an appointment for your annual service before the hot weather arrives.

Day 3: Kitchen Part 1

This one can be daunting which is why I have it spread over 2 days… a good weekend project! Go through your pantry, fridge/freezer and cabinets and get rid of expired products. A trip to your local organizing store is a great place for clear containers and labels to contain cereal, pasta, spices and more. You tend to waste less when you can see what you have in front of you. While you are on the roll of purging, continue with utensils and kitchen gadgets that you may not use anymore. Rearrange the space to make it suit your cooking style so that you can spend more time creating delicious meals and less time looking for ingredients.

Day 4: Kitchen Part 2

Now that everything has been organized and decluttered, it’s time to use that muscle and make everything sparkle. Clean your oven inside and out, refrigerator, small appliances and cabinetry. Wipe down your countertops and backsplash. If you have linens such as curtains, mats, or towels, give those a wash as well.

Day 5: Doors & Baseboards

Dust all your baseboards and doors before wiping down. Disinfect doorknobs and light switches as well.

Day 6: Closets

This can seem like a biggie but if you’re able to assign each family member their own closet to clean it will make things a lot easier. If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, donate it! This may be the time to invest in a closet organizing system or perhaps just a few bins, baskets and hooks. Simple details can really make a big impact when it comes to organizing a small space. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor, clean your shoes and dust the hangers.

Day 7: Living Room

This is a great chore to do while watching your favourite movie or catching up on a few episodes of your favourite show. Declutter the space before moving onto vacuuming and dusting. Don’t forget to get under the couch cushions, vacuum the rug and fluff the pillows. Clean your electronics and wipe down all surfaces including lamps.

Day 8: Walls & Ceilings

Dust walls and remove any scuffs if needed. Dust all ceiling fans, light fixtures, vacuum the curtains and wipe the blinds.

Day 9: Bedrooms

Again, this would be great if you are able to assign each family member their own bedroom.  Declutter the space as much as possible. Flip the mattress and vacuum. Wipe down all furniture, blinds and launder pillows, sheets and rugs.

Day 10: Glass & Windows

Clean all of your windows inside and out. Make sure to get into the crevices of the window frame and wipe the screens too. A great trick to get into the vinyl window frame tracks is to put baking soda along the ridges then pour vinegar over top. The dirt will bubble up making it easier to wipe clean.

Day 11: Office, Playrooms, Extra Rooms

Declutter at least 10 items or more. Recycle paper clutter and wipe down all surfaces. Make sure to move furniture around clean underneath.

Day 12: Laundry Room

Declutter the space and wipe down the inside and outside of your machines. Vacuum the lint trap and dryer duct and also underneath both machines.

Day 13: Outdoor Spaces

This one could take more than a day depending on the size of your property. Some key things to take care of include shaking outdoor mats, wiping down patio furniture and repainting. If you have access to a pressure washer, cleaning the siding, walkways and deck surfaces is a great refresher for the warmer days ahead.

Day 14: Floors

Make sure all floor surfaces are clear of clutter. Move furniture and be sure to sweep/vacuum before mopping. If you have carpets, now is the time to steam clean them as well.

Here are a few links to some helpful cleaning tips and tricks!




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