Eco Friendly Shopping in Parry Sound

Our Earth Week feature was liked and shared and we cannot thank you enough! Your generous donations to the Georgian Bay Biosphere are greatly appreciated and the steps you took to clean up your neighbourhood were fantastic! If we all do our part, we can make a difference.

We are so fortunate that we have several businesses within the Parry Sound community that are also doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and bring you natural and eco friendly products that are good for both the environment and you. Below is a list of local business that we wanted to spotlight including links to their websites so you can find out more information and connect with them directly.

Support local, support a greener community and feel good about the products you buy!


Georgian Bay Whole Foods: located downtown Parry Sound. They have a wide variety of dry goods, vitamins, supplements, dairy and produce. Vegan and special dietary products also available. Their philosophy is simple, “nature can offer us everything we need to thrive. We strive for quality over quantity to provide the best for our community.”


Middle River Farm: Located in McKellar. They take pride in working with the land and animals to create a healthy product. Their philosophy: if animals are raised humanely and fed from pastures and GM free grains, they will be healthy and content. Grass fed animals produce a naturally lean meat that is higher in Omegas, Vitamin A, E and K, Beta Carotene, CLA, and lower in cholesterol.


  • Approved Processing Plants (audited)
  • OMAFRA Meat Plant (required for butchering and processing meat)
  • Artisanal Chicken Farmers of Ontario License
  • Pasture Fed
  • Non GMO
  • Chicken Farmers of Ontario Humane Handling

Sisi Georgian Bay: Located downtown Parry Sound. They are a unique small batch skincare company. They carefully source and select the best natural, organic and wild ingredients. Their deep connection to nature is apparent – not only in their ingredients and handcrafted formulas – but also in their beautifully designed labels, which truly reflect the quality of the products within, and their eco-friendly containers, which sustain a gentle co-existence with the environment.


Moon River Apothecary: Located downtown Parry Sound inside Above & Beyond Your Expectations. A shop for fashion and lifestyle. All Canadian made, all natural and chemical free products. Think natural, think beautiful!


Bearly Used Books: Located downtown Parry Sound. This bookstore has drastically increased their square footage in order to accommodate the incredible number of second-hand books. Not only do they specialize in hundreds of thousands of book titles, but they also sell new books, feature local authors and are very involved with the local community. The knowledge that the staff has is second to none and the shopping experience is like no other.


Tree Chic Design: Located by Parry Sound’s waterfront. Specializing in web and fashion design, this local artist has a wide variety of natural and eco friendly products available such as hemp, bamboo, recycled and organic clothing, all natural and recycled accessories, bags, hats, sterling silver jewelry, body care, beads and gifts for the whole family.


Pardon My Garden: Located downtown Parry Sound. Their newly launched PMG Naturals line includes natural and ethically sourced products from local makers. In addition to plants and flowers, Pardon My Garden also carries eco sponges, fair trade chocolate, sweet grass room spray, botanical presses and more!


For a full list of Parry Sound businesses and resources, check out and

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