How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Whether you are still settling into your new home or are looking to change things up after a few years, we have some helpful tips and tricks to give your space that homey feel.

#1: Plan

Designing can feel overwhelming. Especially if you are starting from scratch. Planning ahead and keeping organized is the key to your maintaining your sanity during any renovation.  Making checklists, creating style boards on Pinterest and taking inventory of what you already have are good places to start.

#2: Research

This is really important for larger projects such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation. You want to research the products available, contact references provided to you by your contractor and think carefully about how to invest in key pieces. This could be a splurge on an antique piece of furniture or a luxury shower system.

#3: Prioritize

Taking on the entire house all at once can lead to unnecessary stress and overspending. Focus on and COMPLETE one room at a time. If your budget allows, complete one room top to bottom including finishing touches such as drapes, lamps, and accessories. This will keep the rest of your house organized and calm while one room is under renovation. Once completed, it will keep you motivated to move onto the next room having that finish result right in front of you!

#4: Colour


A warm colour palette tends to be on the darker side of the colour spectrum. However, it can dramatically change the lighting in the space creating that cozy look you are after.
Local resources: Gray’s Paint & Flooring, Sound Interiors

#5: Texture


Soft furnishings such as pillows, blankets, curtains, and rugs are a great way not only to infuse colour into a space, but the layers of texture add warmth and sophistication to any space. These are important finishing touches that add personality, function, and style.
Local resources: Huckleberry’s, Red Canoe Interiors, The Linen Closet

#6: Plants & Flowers


The presence of greenery can add a calming factor to any space. You don’t have to have a green thumb to inject flowers and foliage into your space. There are some fantastic silk or forever flowers on the market that look just like the real thing.
Local resources: Pardon My Garden, Little Gardens

#7: Personalize


Adding family photos, antiques or decorative items from your travels are all great ways to incorporate your personality into your home. Make it a space that truly reflects you and your family!
Local resources: Artistic Endeavours, The Town Trading Post, Beverly’s, 18 James Street

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