Life Hacks


The internet is full of handy DIY life hacks and tips:

There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult – but with the help of these life hacks, you can easily solve them!

What is a life hack? It’s defined as:

a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently



Fill your blender halfway with hot water & dish soap, put on the lid,

& turn it on. Then simply rinse it!


Make your message board using an attractive picture frame. Set pretty  paper  behind the glass. The glass makes an excellent dry erase surface! — Jessie Dawson



Use a lint roller to clean your fabric lampshade.




Shoveling snow can be frustrating when snow sticks on the shovel. Coat your metal shovel with car wax.  This leaves the shovel clean and lubricated, so the snow and ice won’t stick!

PS: Pam (oil based) cooking spray will work on plastic and metal shovels but must be applied each time you head outside



When you put a load of clothes into your washing machine, use a dry-erase marker to note on the lid which items shouldn’t go in the dryer.

The enamel finish on most washing machine lids is similar to a whiteboard, and dry-erase markers can be removed easily with a dry paper towel.

Although, I would advise testing a tiny spot before writing anything on your washer!


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