Reasons to Love a Small Town

We love small town life. And not just for the fact you don’t spend time sitting in traffic, one bonus at least.  Not because we can drive across town in minutes. And it’s not because the air is so much cleaner in a small town as opposed to the city.

Research has shown small towns are home to the happiest people in Canada. “Bonus fact for the ultimate happy home: A 2016 study has shown that living in sight of water can boost your happiness levels.”

Here are our reasons why we feel this is the best possible life.

Why Claudette Boyd loves Parry Sound:

I enjoy the many choirs, artists, and concerts our small town offers all year round where you know most people and your every outing becomes a kind of social event.

Most taking place at The Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts with its stunning acoustics. 

I love the summer farmers market with the many friendly vendors, variety and convenient location.

Year round I enjoy the highlight of our area, Georgian Bay and the Biosphere, you see something new every time you venture out.

I love the familiarity of living in a small town… you know everyone, neighbours and people on the street.

Why Nicole Boyd loves Parry Sound:

I love how you can walk almost anywhere.

When I go to the bank/store/groceries for a quick trip I love that it takes me three times as long because you stop to talk to everyone – I love the familiarity of a small town.

Love the small town feel of locally owned shops.

You feel safe raising your kids here, not only do you know where your kids friends live, you know most of their parents too! We watch out for each other.

I love the fact our small town offers Girl guides with superior leaders.

The Stockey Centre brings the flavour of culture to our little town, which draws people to our community, we don’t mind sharing 😉

They also bring a lot of family oriented events which is fantastic for our younger ones.

The walking trails, and the fitness trail, which runs along Georgian Bay so you can take in the gorgeous scenery are among my favourite things in Parry Sound.

Ski & Canoe Club, and snowshoeing…so many things to name.

Our small town is a 4 Seasons destination, all year long there is something to do!

Other things ThinkBoyd Team loves is the fact our small town offers the following:

  • Air cadets program
  • Small groups for kids events with great role models (role models you probably personally know!)
  • Curling club, junior curling
  • Christmas radio-a-thon
  • Dragon boats
  • Walk for ALS
  • Run to Cure Breast Cancer
  • so many more all getting super local support

Did we mention our little town has Georgian Bay? You know what that means. Beaches, and the beaches you find while out exploring the bay and lakes are priceless.

Here you can go kayaking, canoing, skiing, and skating at so many venues in and around town. The endless camping options.

Parry Sound offers most amenities of a city with the peace and quiet of a small town.

Did you know our little town was listed as one of the “10 Best Small Towns in North America”?

We agree with what they say: “This is a community you’ll definitely love to be a part of!”

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