Foyer – First Impression

What does your foyer say about you?

Your front foyer is the first impression people see when they step inside your home.

Why not pack it with your personality?!

First the essentials:

Hooks! Your guests need somewhere to hang their hat and coat.

A chair or bench. Allow your guests somewhere to sit and take off their shoes.

Make your entranceway look like its own little room – add a rug!

You’ll want a small table where you can drop things when your hands are full.

Surely everyone wants  a mirror by the front door.

There are so many ideas for your foyer.

Create a gallery! A collection of photos adds a personal touch.

Perhaps the ‘country house’ look is more your style?

You could set the décor of your front entrance with rustic antiques.

No matter your choice, you can turn your foyer into a pleasant first impression!

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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