Repairs to make Before Selling

So you’ve decided to sell your house. This decision alone can cause you to see your home through different eyes.

Now is the time to fix those nagging things you’ve lived with all along!

Don’t fret that you must change absolutely everything before you start showing the house.

Your real estate agent can help you determine what needs to be done as opposed to what isn’t as necessary.

Walk through your home as if you are the potential buyer. Spot things like missing tiles, broken windows, scratched flooring, stains, any signs of neglect.

Make a list of anything broken, defective or worn out.

Do you spot any water stains in your home from a previous issue? First of all, be sure the problem has been repaired!  Painting and cleaning the stain is worth it over a lost sale.

One source states the importance of painting:

One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to spruce up your property is to give it a fresh coat of paint. This looks good and can help hide other problems, such as water marks or smoke stains that have accumulated over the years.

If the walls have worn paint or have dents etc on them it’s a good time to apply a fresh coat of paint. Choose a neutral colour since you want the potential buyer to feel the room would suit their furniture.

Image by Åsa K from Pixabay

If you find you have any torn window screens these are inexpensive to repair. It’s simple and will make your home present well.

Obviously you would want to replace any broken window glass.

How does your flooring look? If the carpeting is worn or stained have it cleaned. If you can clean or repair the flooring rather than replacing it this is recommended as you never know what type of flooring your buyer would prefer.

Any damage caused by pets is worth the cash in having fixed. A wall that has been scratched up by a pet may cause potential buyers to wonder what else has been destroyed by a pet.

When looking at your bathroom be sure everything works as it should. Is the grout yellowing? Cleaning it up or replacing it goes a long way in a showing. This is a small fix with a big impact.  Any missing tiles should be replaced as well.

Unbreakable Do’s & Don’ts advises:

If it needs repair, fix it! Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. You wouldn’t want to purchase a home that has a lot of little things wrong with it, would you? A poorly maintained home will rattle the confidence of your buyers. After all, if the little things aren’t taken care of, what about the furnace or the roof. You’ll also be giving them ammunition to ask for a lower price.

The kitchen is an important feature to buyers. The appliances should be in good working order. Painting cabinets or updating the hardware may be in order. Again check with your agent as to the best course.

Remember, if buyers spot problems as they tour your home they might wonder what else has been neglected.

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay


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