Will a Clutter-Free Home make you Feel Better?

We all have a little “junk” lying around the house. Okay, some of us may have more than a little.

If we’re honest with ourselves we could truly benefit from a clutter-free home.

It may seem impossible if you look around your house and see piles everywhere.

With the right attitude though you can be on the road to taking control of your space.

Before placing a house on the real estate market clearing clutter will maximize its selling potential.

Regardless if you are trying to sell, decluttering your home will give you true peace of mind.

Where to begin?

Start small. Select a room (or even one area in that room), take a bag for garbage, a box for donations, and a box for items to keep.

It’s as simple as that.

Once you’ve completed that room, expand to another area.

Leo Babauta in 18 five-minute decluttering tips to start conquering your mess says it starts with 5 minutes:

Here’s my advice: start with just five minutes. Baby steps are important. Sure, five minutes won’t barely make a dent in your mountain, but it’s a start. 

Then take another five minutes tomorrow. And another the next day. Before you know it, you’ll have cleared a whole closet or a room and then half your house and then … who knows? Maybe before long your house will be even more uncluttered than mine. 

Clear room by room.

Granted, you will find it difficult to part with certain things.

Linda Hetzer and Janet Hulstrand, authors of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home 

“Getting rid of stuff is difficult for everyone, but especially for people who treasure the memories connected with the possessions. We have used the phrase “Keep the memories, get rid of the stuff!” so often that we consider it our mantra.” 

Clutter can be a drain on your mental health since messy homes leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Decluttering relieves stress because you will feel a sense of control and accomplishment. After all, your home should be your haven from stress.

Image by C.M. Zijderveld from Pixabay

Anne-Marie Gambelin It’s science: Clutter can actually give you anxiety

Decluttering our home of things that bring us neither joy nor use can help us create spaces that help us relax, restore and rejuvenate.

So go ahead. One day at a time, one step at a time begin going through your home. In a few short weeks you won’t believe the progress you will make.

Before you know it you will have tackled the entire house!



We all have a place
that we keep
(just in case)
our hord
or our stash
our clutter.

Things that had purpose
or by some chance
may be used again.
Oddities and nic nacks
Old candles and keys
obsolete rechargers and batteries
cables and thimbles,
coins of foreign currencies
manuals and letters and lint.

And they are stored
in shoeboxes,
beer crates
bottom drawers
on garage shelves
or in hearts.

Credit: grumpy thumb –  https://hellopoetry.com/grumpythumb/

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